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Mrs / Mme Pauline Dupuis-Bissonnette
President of / Présidente de
New World Martial Arts.
(613) 932-9054 cell (613) 577-9054

Soke Mr Mike Bissonnette

Founder and Regional director for Ontario / Fondateur et Directeur Regional de l'Ontario
New World Martial Arts
10th Dan title « JUDAN »
(613) 577-9054

Shihan Mr Daniel Beliveau

Regional Director Quebec / Directeur Regional de Quebec
New World Martial Arts
5th Dan Kyokushinkaikas & Ko-Budo

Soke Rudy Duncan

Regional Director USA / Directeur Regional des E.-U.
New World Martial Arts
10th Dan Kemchido

Shihan Pierre Gravel

Committee Member / Membre du Comite
New World Martial Arts
6th Dan Shorin-Ryu Karate

Shihan Claude Corriveau

Public Relations / committee member
New World Martial Arts
6th Dan Shorin-Ryu Karate
1 (613) 677-3619

Mrs. Julie Smith

Secretary / Secretaire
New World Martial Arts

Mr. Brian Smith

Photographer / Photographe
New World Martial Arts
1-(613) 362-7274



About Founders of New World Marital Arts

Soke Mike Bissonnette

Title and rank: Soke, 10th dan title « JUDAN »


First school in 1984

In 1984, the "point system" style of Shorin-Ryu changed in style to contact "Mike’s Contact Karate".
Of the 296 black belts accomplished, 103 are still active.
Co-founder of New World Martial Arts on January 2001.

Now my objective is to promote the style that I founded by passing on to the students the values and love of martial arts. I hope to establish followers who have the same solid values in order to transmit this heritage to future generations. Furthermore, with the foundation of Martial Arts International, this is a vehicle permitting me to express certain values that I always believed, that is to promote martial arts with an open mind without partisan or discrimination.

In total, my philosophy is based on dissuasion by self-confidence rather than by violence. It is better to rule by our own capacities than from our strength. The ones who dominates by force obtain the respect of fear. Our combat routine therefore consist of staying standing in order to conserve our equilibrium center. In my mind, being well centered permits to overthrow or to control our opponent. To this end, we use rapid movements, direct and circular in short distances in order to maximize the efficiency of the different chain reactions.
Thank You for Visiting Us Online Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that we have provided you with enough information to help you in your search for a Martial Arts training facility. We hope to meet you in the near future.

What We Can Offer  

New World Martial Arts is there to help its

1) to promote their competitions
2) to promote their seminars
3) to promote the exchange between centers
4) to evaluate and certify members and instructors
5) to obtain group prices for certain purchases
6) Testing and Grading for Black Belts


My expirences at such tourments made me a better person. It isn't JUST about the sparing, katas, proper techniques or placing first... [even though those do matter] it's also about self defence and gaining confidence. Without these events [and the Karate classes], I wouldn't of been my confident self. Thank You =D
Jane Cleroux

Practicing martial arts for last 20 years in various styles like judo , Kenpo,zen do kent and shorin ryu contact karate I realy found my way with New World Martial Arts.The friendship and quality of the members in the association is a treasure of knowledge for any martial arts passionate. I'm devoted to New World Martial Arts and wich them long life.New World Martial Arts is in constant evolution and is commited to the harmony of all styles and truly welcome them to its association.Join us !....
Renshi Claude Corriveau

I have enjoyed being the New World Martial Arts Photographer, the events are allot of fun for me to shoot,and well ran I have met many wonderful instructors, both my children are proud members of Mikes Contact Karate
Brian Smith